Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It Never Stops

I have been having such a pity party for myself this afternoon.  It got so bad, I went shopping and spent $125.00 at Target.  But not on frivolous things.  At least I held it together a little bit.

Take a look at my arms.  I can assure you that the picture does not do them justice.  They're actually a bit worse.

I had the CT scan yesterday morning.  Drank the gut-crud (which I can still taste, by the way).  Then the phlebotomist, bless her heart, tried to find a workable vein for the IV.  Could I have inherited my Dad's great veins?  Of course not.  I got Mom's veins.  They dwell way deep inside my body parts and hide behind Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility.  When the left arm wouldn't cooperate, the blood lady got an ultrasound machine to find a vein that would work in my right arm.  It was deep.  Really deep.  That needle went into my arm at least two full inches.  You can see where the needles went into the arms.  Creepy, huh?  They hurt like the dickens.  Those bruises and the two lumps that come with them are very, very tender.

The result of the test was that I have diverticulosis.  Before you get all excited, that's not a diagnosis for whatever is causing the problems.  That's just something that turned up on the side.  We still don't know what's causing the anemia, the high SED rate, and the low red cell count.  So now I get to visit with a Hematologist next Wednesday.  My doctor discussed my problems and lab/test results with him, to which he said, "She better come see me."  I can't wait.  The last time I saw a Hematologist, I ended up having a bone marrow extraction and that was extremely painful.

As my friend Matt says:  Happy, happy, joy, joy.

It seems that this blog is becoming a whining health journal instead of a writing and weight loss aid.  So I'm not blogging about all this health stuff anymore until I either have a diagnosis or all the doctors finally give up and leave me alone.  I'm so disappointed with not finding out anything yet, it's really starting to depress me.  I'm losing my sense of humor.  I don't need that.

So tomorrow after work, I'm going to see "Iron Man 2" and eat a fat load of nachos and cheese and drink Diet Pepsi.  :-)  That ought to cheer me up!


  1. It's Peggy. I'm going to mark this humorous, but I am not really amused because it's you! Geeese. I thought I had hard veins. Hope the blogging is helping a little. Whine all you want, we'll listen. However, the nachos and cheese.....some chocolate....golly. Forget the dr's orders until they figure things out, unless it makes you feel bad. Diverticulitis...a pain. Nothing with seeds, no nuts....that might be a tough one for you.lol Am back on FB or holler anytime at rpmuster@live.com or 812 866 2375. By the way, nice delivery of humor in the unhumorous.

  2. I'm not on Facebook anymore. Got tired of dealing with the wretchedness and too many people were finding me who I didn't want to find me. :-) You really should be careful about putting your telephone number on the internet. All kinds of wackos out there! (including me, haha) I hope you're still sticking your opinion out there on FB.

  3. Debby, you are allowed to have a pity party, my goodness girl, your arms look horrible. Just hang in there my friend, you will get through this and hopefully the specialist will find out what's causing your counts to be so low. I love your blog and don't consider you whining at all. I want to know what's going on with your health. Enjoy the movie and the nachos and chesse, maybe even some popcorn and chocolate and a regular drink not diet!!! Sounds good to me. Keep in touch my friend and I will continue to follow your blog.