Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Writing as Fast as I Can and Other Flights of Fancy

My partner in crime (who totally dislikes being called my partner in crime, so let me start over)....

My life partner, Ginger, just stopped by to say that she read my last blog again and "it's a week old".  Evidently, I'm not putting things out here quickly enough to suit her.  Isn't that sweet?  She just can't wait to read my next pearls of wisdom.  Not that she's biased or anything. :-)

So.  Got that last set of test results back and, once again, the results are more tests!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I dropped by the outpatient center last Thursday for the chest x-ray.  I've talked with Dr. Evil and/or her assistant twice this week.  Dr. Evil has talked with at least one colleague, maybe more, and I will be having a CT scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis Monday morning at 10:30.  I have to drink a bottle of gut-crud at 9:30 that morning and then another bottle at 10:00.  Then I get the old IV hooked in and we take some pictures.  Can't wait to see what comes out of this one.  Really can't wait to see what comes out of me after drinking all that gut-crud.

We're headed downtown to the CSO tomorrow night to hear a Tchaikovsky piano piece and several compositions by Wagner.  Or, as I like to say it, "VA-A-A-AG-G-G-G-GN-E-R" in a big deep voice that sounds like I've watched way too many Dracula movies.  I adore the CSO and especially Tchaikovsky and anything involving a piano, but "VA-A-A-AG-G-G-G-GN-E-R" puts me to sleep.  I'd much rather be at the Dilly Deli in Mariemont tomorrow night enjoying the song stylings of the group Diamond Blue over a cheese and hummus tray.  If you need something to do tomorrow night, Diamond Blue is performing from 7:30 until 10:30.  And the Dilly Deli's food is fantastic.  Here's the link for Diamond Blue.  And here's the link for the Dilly Deli.             

If you're looking for me on Facebook, I'm not there anymore.  It wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.  I know there are ways to block things that some people post and what not, but I don't want to have to do all that.  I love reading about places I've never been to and things I don't know.  I love hearing other peoples' opinions about politics and other topics.  I really like it when other people are open to my opinions and can discuss issues without being all emotional and "you're so wrong" about it (thanks, Debbie, I really enjoyed our talks).  But some people profess to be okay with other people having a different opinion, but they only honor that when the other person's feeling is the same as their own.  The first time you disagree with someone, you get the big LIBERAL label in capital letters like it's a big pile of dog poop and you just stepped in it.  There's the name calling.  There's the hate spewing all over the place.  God help you if you're not a Christian, Bible loving, conservative person because then you're not really an American patriot and you don't love our country.  Yes, someone really did say that.  It reminds me of one of my favorite things written by Anne Lamott: "You can safely assume that you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do."  It's a good thing this person didn't know I'm gay, too, or she would have probably run me out of town on a rail.  So rather than jump through all the hoops of messing with the privacy settings, I quit.  It was just easier.

So for anyone following this blog, let me just put myself out here so that there are no surprises, and then you can decide if you want to keep reading.
  1. I'm a short person.  If you have something against short people, go read something else.
  2. I'm fat.  If you have something against fat people, go read something else.
  3. I'm gay.  Big surprise there.  If you have a problem with that, all I can say is that at least I'm not a pedophile priest.
  4. I'm neither Democrat or Republican.  I'm somewhere in the middle.  I'm a fiscal conservative.  I like my freedoms.  I don't like people mixing religion into my freedoms.  If you have a problem with that, it's not my problem.
  5. I'm not all worked up about illegal immigrants in our country.  If I lived in Mexico or Nicaragua or Iraq; if I were so poor I only had dirt to feed to my children; if my family were stuck in the middle of a war-torn country, you can bet your ass that I would be getting my loved ones to America where it's safer and where I could get them food.  And I sure as hell wouldn't waste a moment's time sitting around for 5 years waiting for the proper documentation.  Having said that, I hope that our government grants citizenship to all immigrants who are already here working hard and paying taxes.  Then our government needs to work out a way to make sure that anyone entering our country enters it legally.  And do it without shooting anyone at our borders.
  6. I'm also not worked up about people speaking Spanish/Mexican in America.  It wouldn't hurt us all to learn another language.  The rest of the world accommodates us by having English signs, etc., in their countries.  Why are we so arrogant that we can't do the same?  If you have young children now, you better hope that they become fluent in Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, or something, because most jobs of the future will call for knowledge of another language.  School children in other countries learn several languages.  We need to catch up.
  7. Keep our religions out of our government.  And keep our government out of our religions.  I don't want religious leaders influencing our elected officials.  And I don't want government officials telling our churches what to do.  It's called "separation of Church and state" for a reason.
  8. Yes, I believe in God.  I just don't believe in your God when you think He's telling you that your way is the only way and that your way is the right way and every other way is wrong.  God is smarter than that, and more compassionate, too.  I'm very afraid of the things that some people will do in the name of God.
  9. And the next time someone spits out that old tired argument of "the Pilgrims came over here so that they could worship God", I'm going to scream.  No.  The Pilgrims did not come here so that they could worship God.  They came here for freedom of religion, for the right to worship as they chose....or not.  It's just so convenient how people leave out the "or not" part.  Well, I'm putting it back in.
Yeah, the Facebook crap got to me.  Really pissed me off.  So I dropped it and now I'm a kinder, gentler person (although I'm sure it didn't sound like it just now).

Oh yeah, one more thing.

Skyline is better than Gold Star.


  1. Debby, let me know your test results. Good luck my friend.

    I do have one comment to your recent blog. Not all priests are pedophiles and, I am sure, if the truth be known and the media would report it, there are pedophile ministers of all faiths, not just the Catholic faith. Just wanted to voice my opinion on that.

  2. Unfortunately, it's the priests that are getting all the coverage. Since that's what's in the news, that's what I refer to. I know and adore some perfectly wonderful priests, ministers, etc.'re the first person to actually voice an opinion. But then, I think I only have maybe 5 readers. :-)

  3. I enjoy your blog and look forward to it. I will continue to follow it and give my opinions too. But that's all they are, my opinions. Thanks for keeping the humor in your blogs too. It is sad that only the priests are targeted in the media. I, too, know many wonderful priests and bishops, who wouldn't harm a fly. Have you told many people about your blog?

  4. I think a large bouquet of flowers from me is in order, but you're probably allergic. Thank you for addressing an episode that really upset me. I cleaned house on FB and, when I went back on, was welcomed back by many people. However, I won't tolerate the hate stuff. I'm hoping all the "liberals" are just keeping quiet and exercising their power in voting booths across this land. Check MSN News, LA voted to boycott AZ. It's a start, I hope. Oh yeah, it's Peggy. I wanted to give you my phone number because like bills,I'll always be there. Hated to do it on your site though. Keep writing through the tough times.

  5. Peggy again. Skyline for 3-Ways, Gold Star for cheese coneys. I'd give an eyetooth for either right now....missing chili parlors and German bakeries, and home. And I hope I didn't sound hateful of FB, I was trying to address the issue but not the people. I tried to dissapate the hate that was radiating from those postings. Wasn't successful, but gave it a go.