Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We're Up to 25 and other Odds and Ends

And maybe more.  I got a call today from Kathy at the office of Dr. OhMyAchyBody.  I will be reporting to their lab tomorrow at 1:30 PM to part with more blood and pee in their cup.  (Better their cup than mine!) I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that.  Not.  The next tube of blood will be number 25.  I wonder if I get a free microwave or something when I hit number 100.

I had the weirdest thought today.  (My random thought generator has been in overdrive all day.)  I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1995, and so I have now officially had 5,475 consecutive days of pain (not counting leap year days or all the months I had the pain before I finally got a diagnosis).  If I live to be 80, there will be at least 8,395 more days of pain.  Not that I'm complaining.  Excedrin is good to me. :-) It's just that I find those numbers mind boggling.  It doesn't take much to entertain me.

Today in Bahrain, the temperature was up to 103 degrees.  Yuck!  Out in Vegas and near Phoenix where I have family and friends, it's not unusual for the temp to hit 112 or 115.  My sister always said, "But it's a dry heat, it's not so bad."  Baloney!  That's freaking hot!  You can fry eggs and burn toast on the sidewalk in that kind of heat.  Anyway, I haven't heard from Ginger yet about how the International Children's Games are going, but I have had a couple of e-mails from her.  She said that her hotel is fabulous and the food is magnificent.  I can't wait to see all the pictures she's taking.

So yesterday I was in my usual stall in the ladies' room at work.  No one in the bathroom but me, myself, and I.  Another woman comes in and sits down in the stall right next to me.  I swiftly move my feet over so she can't recognize me by my shoes.  Pretty smooth, huh?  But I recognize her shoes.  It's the same woman who brushes her teeth in there every afternoon.  Now I ask you: would you brush your teeth in a public restroom?  I've read that when a toilet is flushed, bacteria and microscopic poopy flecks come barreling out of the bowl at 600 miles per hour.  Even with the stall door closed, you know that potty sludge has to fly right over and under the door and straight to her toothbrush.  EWWWW!  I'm all for good dental hygiene, but that's too much for me.  I'd rather just chew sugar-free gum after lunch and brush when I get back home.

I was thinking today about all the idiots who are screaming for everyone to boycott BP.  Do they really think that by not getting gas at a BP station, they can have a huge effect on BP's bottom line?  That's nothing.  Not even a drop in BP's profits.  The only finances they're affecting are the poor people who actually own the stations.  Why would anyone want to make a hard working, barely getting by, station owner lose his or her business?  That's just mean.  I'm as pissed off as anyone else about what this oil mess is doing to our coastline and the life it sustains (animal, fish, and human), but let's not penalize some station owner who has absolutely nothing to do with the problem.

I did it.  I got back on Facebook.  I'm keeping my friends to just relatives, girlfriends and boyfriends of relatives, and a couple of friends from way back when.  So far, the "Let's Kill All the Gays" and "If You're Pro-Choice, then You Must Be Pro-Abortion, So Let's Kill You, Too" folks haven't found me.  (Just for the record:  I don't condemn anyone who has an abortion.  Sometimes it really is necessary.  I wouldn't have one myself, though, because I believe that life begins at the moment of conception.  I also wouldn't have an abortion because that's my CHOICE.)  Anyhow, so far, so good, and I hope it stays that way because I really like keeping up with my nieces and nephews on FB.

My cat just walked across my keyboard and past my face, and she left me a cloud of kitty fart.  I really have to go now.

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