Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just a Quick Update

Sorry I've been so delinquent in blogging lately.  Dad was in the hospital for a week with an infection in his blood.  That was a lot of fun for the family.....NOT.  But he's home now.  He's feeling good, but a little tired as he regains his strength.  Then as we all know, I'm on the medical merry-go-round and dreadfully tired myself.  So just to let you all know the latest.....

I got the DEXA scan results back.  This is a bone density test that women take after they've gone a whole year without a surprise visit during the night from Mother Nature.  :-)  Being the obsessive overachiever that I am, my scan results were spectacular.  My bones are healthy and very strong.  Nice to have good news.

I see Dr. Dracula at 10:30 tomorrow morning, at which time I hope he has the results for all of the 20+ tests I donated blood for.

Tuesday evening, I report to the Sleep Management Institute for the night.  The techies will fill my hair with goop and attach do-hickeys to my head and other bodily places, and then they'll monitor and watch me try to sleep.  My gut feeling is that I will test positive for sleep apnea since I'm fat, I snore, and I'm tired so much.  It won't be the sole cause of all my fatigue, but I'm guessing that it will be a contributor.  We'll find out if I'm right when I go back on the 16th so that Dr. SnoozeAndDoze can give me the results.

I've spent the rest of the week getting my stolen money back into my checking account.  I hope that neanderthal puked up the Subway food and I really hope someone held him up at gunpoint and stole his new Nikes.  I don't want him to have been shot.  I just want the crap scared out of him!

Then I went through changing all of my sign-on IDs and passwords.  There were at least 10 pairs of them.  I stopped counting after that.  I've got the most convoluted, complicated passwords ever.  HA!

And then I called NetZero to cancel my e-mail account.  It was a nightmare.  The guy I talked to was annoying and kept coming up with one reason after another for keeping my account.  I kept saying, "All I want to do is cancel my account.  Can you please just do that?"  He persisted, so finally I said, "Look.  My Dad has been in the hospital all week.  I've been undergoing every blood test known to mankind.  My debit card was compromised and used.  And now you're giving me a shitload of trouble.  I don't need this hassle from you.  Just cancel the account."  He put me on hold for a couple of minutes, came back to the phone, and said very meekly that he had canceled my account.  For pete's sake, why do things have to be so difficult?  Why do these people make it so hard?  The whole thing just about wore me out.  So if you are using NetZero, good luck if you ever decide to go to another carrier.  If you're not using NetZero, DON'T START!!

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  1. I'm not laughing, I'm swear I'm not. Yes I'm lying. I was holding it together until you mentioned NetZero. When we finally got Broadband Wireless we decided to change providers: from Netzero to MSN. My husband was on the phone 20 minutes with them. We watched the clock. They kept making him offers: They were down to 6.75/month for a year plus .....
    I'm sorry to hear about your father. So glad he's better. Can't wait to hear how your sleep test went....Can't they just declare you a medical mystery and be done with it? Not funny.