Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And the Total is now.....

28 tubes of blood and 2 cups of pee.  Today's contribution was 4 tubes and 1 cup.  Surely, we can finally get a diagnosis this time.  (Okay, all together now...."don't call me Shirley!")

Got an e-mail from Ginger.  One of the swimmers made it to the finals.  I don't know anything more yet.  Ginger met the Crown Prince of Bahrain and got his picture.  All kinds of fun stuff.  I'm just ready for her to be home.  A week is long enough.  She arrives at the Dayton Airport on Sunday afternoon, just in time to get home, have dinner, and sit out in the front yard to watch the mega-fireworks.  It will be a good day.

We almost had a disaster here at home yesterday.  I saw Snowflake (the albino squirrel) and other critters in the backyard rummaging for peanuts, so I opened the door to go outside and oblige them.  The two furry princesses (Thelma and Louise, the wonder kitties) were right there ready to run out on the patio.  Snowflake sees me and also comes running down the hill onto the patio to get her peanutty goodness.  Louise sees Snowflake.  Snowflake sees Louise.......and the chase is on!  They both take off like bats out of hell.  I'm yelling at Louise to stop.  Snowflake is half way up a big bush and looking at me like I'm Salome and she's about to be the head of John the Baptist while Louise is poised at the bottom of the bush.  So I go get Louise.  Being the good kitty that she is, she comes right back over to the patio.  I go up to the top of the hill and start tossing the peanuts around.  Louise stays put.  Snowflake climbs down the bush and comes up to the top of the hill.  All is well.  Whew!  Never a dull moment around here.

So I guess you all are probably getting tired of all this "day in the life" stuff.  Nothing witty or life changing.  No diet news.  No book talk.  Which reminds me.....someone who shall remain nameless (PEGGY! PEGGY! PEGGY!) wrote to me yesterday, "aren't you supposed to be writing?"  Well, hey, I've been doing a lot of word pushing this week for work.  And I've blogged a lot this week, which is more than I can say for someone who shall remain nameless (PEGGY! PEGGY! PEGGY!).  :-)  (Time out for a commercial.  If you want to read Peggy's blog, it's here on Blogger/Blogspot/Whatever and it's called "To Ponder, To Chortle, To Weep".  And it's good.)

Seriously, there will be some talk here about the diet and the book soon.  I can tell you that I haven't lost any weight and I haven't written a word of the book.  I can also give you 10 or 20 excuses, none of them worthwhile.  I've been doing a lot of thinking this week, some contemplation, a little self-examination.  Ever since I turned 30, I try to have at least one mid-life crisis per decade, and I think I'm having the crisis for my 50's now.  Nothing like being in a good blue funk to make you clear out the cobwebs and figure out what's important.  So I'm a little busy right now clearing and figuring.  I'll write more about that later.

In the meantime, I'm going to Joey and Tommy's graduation party on Friday night and then fetching Ginger from the airport on Sunday.  I'll be doing some mass cleaning of the house and some outside work on Saturday so the place looks fabulous when Ginger walks through the door.  So it will probably be just a few days before I'm blogging again, unless I hear from Dr. OhMyAchyBody about the labs I did today.

Everyone have a fun and safe holiday.  Happy 4th of July!

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