Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the....New??

I would be remiss if I let this year leave without wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  Of course, by the time I post this, it will already be the new year and my greeting will be late.  I've enjoyed (?) this time I've taken off for the holidays.  I had the flu and an attack of diverticulitis (I swear I will never eat popcorn again as long as I live!!).  As for the rest of the year, there was that little bump in the road at work.  My oldest brother hasn't spoken to me in 6 months and has pretty much disowned me.  We are no closer to figuring out the mystery disease and the bond popped out of my front tooth again.  I should have called my doctor today to set up the follow-up appointment for the diverticulitis and I forgot.  Ginger beat me at Scrabble tonight.  My Dad died this year.  The fifth anniversary of my sister's death was 2 months ago.  I haven't been very good at keeping up with friends, and sometimes the depression just weighs me down badly.

I'm ready for this year to be over.  So, Happy New Year!!  I don't know if that "Happy" is a hope or a plea, but I hope it works out, whichever one it is.  And despite what you just read in the last paragraph, 2012 wasn't all bad.  That little thing at work turned out to be a good thing because it got me more focused and we found a solution to the problem.  My brother will either come to his senses or not.  It's out of my hands.  I gave it over to God.  The mystery disease does not keep me down.  I keep getting back up every day.  I got the bond in my tooth replaced and it only cost me $27.00.  (Thank you, dental insurance!)  I can call my doctor on Wednesday.  Ginger may have won tonight, but I won the last two games before this one.  Dad and Judy have no more pain and suffering, and they're in Heaven with Mom.  I'm reconnecting with friends.  And I recognize when a depressive period is trying to get me 99% of the time and I can head it off before it gets bad.  (Thank you to my therapist!)  I've also lost 41 pounds since May 15th.

2013 is looking good, so far.  I have a couple of trips lined up this year.  Ginger and I are going to Paris to celebrate her 75th birthday and my 60th.  I'm going to Las Vegas with my sister Lisa and her family to visit our late sister's family and to celebrate Lisa's 50th birthday, my 60th (again!), and Lisa's youngest son's 21st.  I'll also be spending several days at my favorite place (General Butler State Park) around my birthday to contemplate turning 60 and to write.  I have outlined about half of the book I want to write and I have a lot of notes, so it's time to stop messing around and actually start writing.  I wouldn't mind losing another 40 pounds, so I'll be working hard on that.  I started out at 213.2 pounds and I weigh 171.4 now.  I would be happy to get to 150 pounds, but getting to about 135 or so would do good stuff for my health.

So yes, Happy New Year!  I hope this is a better year for everyone.  I wish us all love, happiness, good health, peace, and serenity in this new year.  May we all have the strength, patience, and perseverance to make it happen.

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