Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's Just Keep Laughing

Oh my, I do have some very serious topics, but I think I'd rather keep laughing.  So whom shall we pick on today?  Well, that question is just too easy!

Hey, Donald Trump, is that a wig on your head or did some squirrel crawl up there and die?  What an idiot!  He blathers on and on all week about this big deal announcement of his and how it's going to change the election and all this other nonsense.  And what did it end up being?  A $5 million dollar bribe for Obama to offer up his college records and passport.  God help me, first The Donald went after Obama's birth certificate and now this.  What's next?  Dental records?  Fingerprints?  Give it a rest, Donnie, and go home.  I hope Rosie O'Donnell falls madly in love with you and stalks you until the day you die.  Whenever I see/hear a man as self-centered, self-promoting, loud, and belligerent as he is, I always figure it's to compensate for the abnormally small size of his manhood.  Proportions, you know.

Speaking of the election, this one has just about been the death of me.  I had to unfriend someone on Facebook because she was so obnoxious about the whole thing.  She posted a list about the Top 10 differences between conservatives and liberals that was just downright mean.  Of course, she's so right-wing that she's completely off the planet.  I'm about middle-of-the-road but I lean more toward the liberal side.  Her list was very unkind to liberals and the blatant lies on there didn't go over well with me either.  So I asked her if that's what she thought of me and got no answer.  Not one word.  That told me all I needed to know and off my Friends list she went.  I must say that I'm much calmer these days now that her vicious crap isn't showing up all over my FB wall.

And someone stole our Obama campaign sign right out of our front lawn!!  What has gotten into people?  I've thought about praying for all of us to become nicer to each other, but don't you think God has way more important things to do than to yell at the kids?  We're lucky we all don't get a cosmic slap up side of the head.

Before my blood pressure goes up any higher.....I took the day off work today to enjoy the 80 degree, sunny weather.  What a gorgeous day.  Made it over to Sharon Woods for a little bit and had a few strides by the lake and the ducks.  People were out boating and fishing.  Before that, Ginger and I went to see the movie "Argo."  I have one word for this movie: GO!!!  See this movie!  It's amazingly well done.  Great acting, great directing, it's based on true U.S. history, and it's just a darn good movie.

Well, I need to be getting off here to get to sleep because we're getting up early tomorrow morning and going out for breakfast.  And that means BACON!!!  Yeah, baby!  Bacon, bacon, BACON!!!  I love me some BACON!!!  Did I mention that I really like bacon?  Since we have two cats that I adore more than life itself, I've tried to be vegetarian because how can I love these kitties so much and still eat their relatives?  But I couldn't do it.  I just love meat, especially pork, and especially BACON!!!  So it's "night-ers" for me.  Sweet dreams everyone.  Come back tomorrow and I'll try to do better.  Love ya!  Mean it!

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