Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, that just sucks eggs!

Do you know what happens when you go 3 months without blogging?  All of your Followers' little heads disappear!  That blows!  My blogger dashboard still says that I have my fabulous 4 followers, but all their heads are gone.  Bummer.  Take a little break while your body falls apart and the next thing you know, the Followers list is blank.  But maybe now that I'm posting something again, they'll miraculously reappear.  I tell you, you just can't trust technology.  If it can't feed me or bathe me in chocolate, I don't trust it.

I see we're all still here after the Rapture didn't happen on Saturday.  I was just starting to feel a little bit smug about that this morning when I heard about the tornado damage and lives lost in Joplin, Missouri on Sunday.  Took the bite right out of me.  Then, I got all paranoid wondering if maybe the date was wrong by just one day.

So we're up to 69 tubes of blood now and I've filled the little cup two more times.  Tomorrow afternoon, I'm getting a TB test, and sometime tomorrow I'll get the results of last week's tests.  I spent the day at Christ Hospital last Tuesday getting lit up with nuclear medicine, then having a full body bone scan, and finally having an MRI and then an MRA of my brain.  It was a busy day, you know?  I just stayed at the hospital all day since I had to report there at 11:00, 2:00, and 5:30.  I had lunch there and took a book to read.  I also had a half hour nap.

Nope, I don't know what all they're looking for.  Evidently, no brain tumors or anything cancerous looking showed up, or they would have notified me long before now.  So that's something to be mighty thankful for.  But I do hope something shows up that gives us a diagnosis.  I've been at this for 13 months now and all I get is more pain and more tired.  I'm ready to get off this train.

On the Happy Front, though, the better half and I are headed to New York City next week for a few days of fun and no doctors.  I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that.

I've been trying to come up with something funny to say, but my humorous bone doesn't seem to be working. :-)  I haven't been posting much because I'm just too tired, so it may be another 3 months before I'm back again.  (Except I will get on here tomorrow night and post the test results.)

Thank you all for hanging in there with me!


  1. glad you're back, even if it's for a quick visit! Love your humor and wit in the face of medical tyranny! LOL!

  2. You probably did all the touristy things the first time you went to New York - you know that time you all went and didn't take me (now you know who this is :-) ) Along with those touristy things, I highly recommend going to see Reupert at the Hello Deli (next to Ed Sullivan Theatre) so you can say you saw a celebrity while you were there (he's on Letterman all the time!) and they have good food, too; eat frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity's (the best chocolate thing EVER); ride the first escalator (wooden) down to the cellar at Macy's; buy something from a street vendor just so you can wheel and deal with them; go to Ground Zero and belt out the national anthem and watch and see how many people stop and start singing with you - when the kids did that when we went, it was amazing! And go to the church across the street that was untouched - that was a miracle!
    And ride the ferris wheel at Toys R Us at Times Square. Those were all some of my favorites. Post those test results and go and have some fun. Love you!

  3. Well, Ms. Anonymous, yes, I know who you are. Hey, everybody, it's my sister Lisa! She didn't go to New York on that trip because she was only 6 months old. Anyway, believe or not, we didn't do much of the touristy stuff then. The New York World's Fair, which was fabulous even for a 10-year-old me, Bloomingdale's for a t-shirt, and I think the Empire State Building. I doubt I'll get around to much more that we already have planned because I have to build in rest time. But you never know. Love you, Sis!

  4. Just have a wonderful time and get some much needed rest too. Don't think about the tests, just enjoy yourself. Love you girl!

  5. Thanks for the posting....I have missed them, but understand. I have not been on Facebook or much of anything for awhile...haven't felt like it; depression does that to you. I'm on meds and doing better. Don't worry about have "dry spells," I will still be there for you.
    Have a great time in New York, do fun things and keep you mind busy with that. Getting away always helps. You are still in my prayers, keep us posted on the results.

  6. Sheri, I'm so sorry about your depression. That's one of those other things that makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a fork. Fortunately, my Lexapro keeps me going most of the time. But when it doesn't, life can be a real bitch. I'm glad you're doing better. Hang in there. If you ever need to talk about it with someone who knows what you're dealing with, message me at FB any time, okay?